Bad Habits That Are Making You More Prone To Get Sick


Getting sick gets in the way of all sorts of different daily functions. You miss family functions, outings with friends, work, and various extracurricular activities. Everybody’s life is already filled with an assortment of plans that nobody wants disrupted by an unexpected sickness. There is an ever-increasing amount of remedies and medicines added to the market each year that focus on getting rid of the symptoms of illnesses. However, avoiding sickness in the first place is the cheapest, easiest, and most comfortable way to remain healthy. In order to get avoid sickness outright many people just need to get over their bad habits that increase their chances of getting sick. By getting rid of the bad habits outlined below, people can decrease their chances of getting sick and save them tons of money of prescriptions.

Not washing your hands is the number one bad habit. Washing your hands is the simplest way to get rid of all the bad germs that accumulate on your hands every time a surface is touched. If you are just beginning to break this habit, it is not likely that you will wash the recommended ten times a day. In that case, just focus on each time you exit the bathroom. Make sure the appropriate length of two minutes is used each time you wash as well. One alternative method is to use an alcohol based product. The only drawback is that nothing will beat soap and water when cleaning hands.

Another bad habit to break is touching your face and the body parts around it. This is especially important to avoid if it coincides with not washing your hands properly. By eliminating the touching of the facial region you can dramatically decrease the chances of contracting an illness from touching an unsanitary object even if you have not washed your hands.

Avoid sharing food items and objects that come into contact with other people’s mouths. While it may seem safe to do with family members, this bad habit can easily spread an illness throughout a family in a matter of days. Just because somebody does not look sick does not mean they are completely germ free. Ultimately, it is better safe than sorry. Even though this can happen time on time without getting sick, it only takes one time to get sick.

Do not get into the horrible habit of not exercising enough. Taking care of your body physically is the number one way to prevent yourself from becoming sick. A healthy immune system is able to withstand a large amount of the unhealthy bacteria that you come into contact with. The bad habit of not exercising regularly only helps the germs invade and attack your immune system.

It is so simple to follow the tips that are all geared towards practicing healthy habits for better wellness and break any bad habits. However, without following them you are predisposing yourself to all kinds of various illnesses that could be completely avoided. Not only will sickness time decrease, but you can save hundreds of dollars each year just by adopting the healthy habits instead of the bad ones.