Care Your Tooth These Are Base For The Strong Health


From childhood, even parent is informing only to brush teeth once in the morning. A parent is informing suggestively to children it is best to brush teeth after food, but not watching children are they doing it regularly, because a parent himself is not brushing his teeth after food, only morning time a parent brushes, same time, at least a parent wants his children should brush after food, but not forcing children. In this scenario, a child is unable to understand teeth are base for a strong health. Normally, teeth are functioning to grind the food items softly and sending to stomach via stead lines. In case, a tooth is infected and the infection is carries to stead line, in that case even dangerous health problems are possible only for that reason dentist is requesting to brush teeth after food regularly, three times a person takes food means, he has to brush three times without missing it as a duty. Most of the diseases are, in analysis found just from mouth only the infection passed to other parts of the body. Now it is easy to understand the importance of the dental health care for human.

From childhood the brushing many times are necessary

Actually, even now an adult can brush his teeth regularly after food. Even now it works well; the person is not facing much health problem, besides this he stays with strong health. Apart from this, he or she is attractive with glittering white tooth before others. Now, everyone is watching only teeth of a person how it is maintained and what way he maintains the teeth. If the teeth are not brushed or not mouth washed perfectly the yellow color fungus stays at the teeth. This could be cleaned, but many people are not caring about this yellowish tooth, they are moving with others, but others are thinking in their mind, even this person could not see his teeth color how to respect him in society.

In society everyone is watching deeply others, but they are not frank to advice to go to dentist when a person is yellow color teeth. Same time, same person who has yellow color in teeth, goes to doctor and cleans his teeth with a doctor, everyone is appreciating for his dental care on time. When a person lost his teeth due to any reason and he has crown teeth, the public is amazed to see him, as he is rich person he has installed gold teeth, for replacement.

Crown work is not done by the junior dentist, only seniors and dental clinic with group of dentists are able to do this work, this is costly, gold should be shaped to teeth first and it should be placed at the removed teeth position. In general, the artificial teeth are installed for patients, but it looks normal as teeth, so people are not making any question about the change in teeth. However, at the age of sixty many teeth are falls down because of heavy usages. At this time, again a new set of teeth are fixed for regular. In some cases, this type of artificial teeth are fixed and removed according to need. In night time, everyone removes, and in the morning fixing again, so only close people are aware that person has no teeth at all, only fixed teeth he is using which is fake one.