Natural Hair Care Mistakes


Now, I’m in my new journey, really dig and learn more about my hair, and other hair textures, I have realized that there are a lot of myths out there. Some people may not be fully myth, but the blog will be updated or vlogger actually let you know, “Oh, I’m sorry. I told you’re wrong!” Your journey involves a lot of research, trial and error. Constantly surprises! If every blog / vlogger updated his blog article or posting on their own journey to learn from new, you will get a lot of updates! Can you imagine? You start in the right direction finally move forward in this journey some time. I have come across some of these myths, but I want to put them in there, make your decision easier or journey! Once again, the myth is not entirely false, I brought, and these are just some things that may have worked naturalista journey. This may be true for her unique hair, but for others, it did not work out so much. The best thing for us to know that exact thing, what works for one may not work for you naturally work. You can at any time to collect information and tips from professional stylists, books, magazines, blog and YouTube videos, but this information is always best to take care of changing its own unique texture. Nobody has all the answers, but there are so many who can guide you in the right direction.

A natural hair is difficult to manage and care. | Wash, condition, comb, moisture, seal, setting and style. It sounds like any woman needs to do to get the best healthy hair, permed or natural. Do not be a variety of technologies and solutions available naturalistas discouraged. Foundation work, once you know your hair. As long as you take the right time to take care of your hair will be easier to manage.

2 Trim your hair will make it grow. | Pruning is a hot topic among the naturals; some do not want to trim and other interior too often, because they think it will make their hair grow. Trimming just to get rid of damaged hair or hair is generally too old. It will not make your hair grow, but it will help in healthy hair. Pruning twice a year is sufficient, although some more frequent pruning.

3 natural hair should not be pruned at all. | I was SOOOO guilty on this one. I recently made my light dusting ends, started my new journey. This dusting before, I did not, because my big chop trimmed hair. Behind no reason, but I read the blog of fine-tuning the growth of hair is not very important. This is half true, but again, fine-tuning will get rid of damaged hair, it will not do further damage. If you hold the fork, affecting more of your hair, you can have an overall more damage.

4 shampoo you should not use. | Guilty! In the beginning of my journey, I wash once a week, my hair, because this is my research leads me to believe. Then, I got tired of contraction, so I did some research and found that shampoos can actually dry your hair; this is true. However, the shampoo is necessary, depending on your hair type, you should use the right shampoo, at least every two weeks, wash your hair and scalp from established products. To make this myth more truth, you should not use harsh shampoos and bad ingredients. Do your research, and more inclined to sulfate free shampoo. You can also add natural ingredients, you cheaper shampoo choose additional benefits. Such natural ingredients are essential oils, aloe vera juice or gel, coconut water or milk. You can use your favorite air conditioning, and even add to your shampoo to reduce drying.

5 Limited wash, wash your hair conditioner. | Guilty! Again, I was told that cooperation means that the washing machine to wash your hair conditioner. Honestly, I think this is correct, but once the company realized that this new technology, they began selling air cleaning. So now “co wash” refers to the meaning has shifted to these air cleaning. If you do not agree with this change, still need to work cleaning air conditioning, is my guest, but understand that shampoo is required to properly wash your hair and scalp from established products.

6 water will dry your hair. | Water is water, of course, so it should not dry your hair. Our hair naturally like water! They are a perfect match! What is important here is to open up your pores (which is what water does), add water, and then properly sealed do not think the water will dry your hair.

7 Coconut oil is a humectant. | Guilty! I remember when I was doing research this and found a few sites to show coconut oil is a moisturizer. I can see this is about, because coconut oil actually helps moisture. Coconut oil is an anti-wetting agent. Anti-humectant moisture blocker! So, once you really moisturize your hair, you can use coconut oil, sealed to prevent air moisture break your hair. This may sound a bit confusing, but the seal will close your hair cuticles to keep moisture locked in, and stop moisture from the atmosphere, if the sealant does not have this feature, moisture in the air will most likely open up your pores again, let the excess water and exits lead to frizz. Some naturals do not like coconut oil, because it is a solid oil. It is, of course, melt in your hands before you apply to your hair, but then it may make your hair feel a little stiff. So remember, coconut oil is not sealed moisture.

8 Do not blow dry your hair. | Of course, we know that, dry hair, dry hair! Drying the wet hair is completely different than the opposite dray as hair, no moisture. Lol. However, there are ways to properly dry your hair, causing you to eliminate “dry hair” or heat damage. If you decide to blow-dry your hair, you should use heat protectant (although the effectiveness of heat protectant is also in the air; do not waste time and now). Better option is to use a cooler setting. And adding more myths or rumors, I read CurlyNikki air drying can damage our hair. Say what! ? !

9 Know your hair type is very important. | Hair Typing is huge, in the natural hair community. There are usually several who love it and swear it! Then there is also those who are tired of it even mentioned! Lol. Hair type can help you find the right direction but the right products and solutions obtained, it is not 100% solid in your unique natural hair journey. First of all, there are a few of the most naturalistas texture something like what you follow solid hair type? Also, you must consider the impact to find the right products and programs and other factors. Know your hair type is not as it seems so important. Now, you know the porosity, which is it! But that’s another topic!

10 You need to wash your hair every day. | This is just the extreme, as the myth that you do not wash your hair. Naturals should not wash their hair daily. In between washing your scalp produces a natural oil, covering some of your scalp and hair. Such a small amount of natural oil is very advantageous. However, if you wash too often interrupt this process will increase oil production capacity will eventually clog your pores. We know that can lead to clogged pores and hair loss for -! Well! It usually takes up to one week for this oil to produce so let your body do its thing naturally. Do not interrupt it. I want to wash every two weeks as well. But again, some naturals, wash every week. Although there is no daily Bueno!

11 You have to get a professional to take care of your hair stylist. | This is a clear example! As you relax the day there are some things you can do yourself to your hair, and then have a professional should handle others. Whenever there are chemicals, color, or more complex problems, your hair or scalp, you should seek professional. Anything beyond that, you’ll be fine!

12 no natural hair salon. | This is almost true! Lol. It depends on where you live, of course. In my area, there is literally no naturals salon. In more urban areas, they are everywhere in the natural growth of hair movement! It has a natural hair stylist hired and some hair salon. So there is some truth in the myth.

13 LOC method is applicable to all the hair texture. | This is somewhat true. If you are not familiar with the LOC method, which is how you add and layered products to lock in moisture. Liquid / vacation, oil, and finally the cream. Some naturals in this exact order can not use this method. There are several variations of the method (LOC, LCO, LOCO). Again, trial and error.

14 you want for your hair using expensive products. | Say what! ? ! OMG, this is so far from the truth. Some people think that the more expensive products are always better ingredients. This is not true, that I was fooled a myth. The best thing for you is to understand the ingredients; it takes time. Science Learning ingredients or behind them can not happen overnight.

15 You want your hair with natural products. | Use natural products are beneficial, but it is not required. There are indications that some of the synthetic mimic natural ingredients. If you use a lot of products with harsh ingredients that you use a product or rinse clarify, let your hair back to normal is very important.

16 You can not tangle with a comb or tools. | When you first go natural, you might see your fingers comb through a lot of praise. Finger tangles are most suitable for your hair, however, the tool can be used. I recommend fingers comb through, and then introduce the tool, such as hair beans, Michel Mercier brushes, very popular Denman brush. No matter what method you use, be gentle and patient is very important.

17 you wear your natural curl. | Many yellowish brown, rather than through a real wash N ‘go, because your hair is not protected, it can become tangled, and the overall damage. If you see a naturalista defined curls and does not always mean it is her natural curl pattern. Its her hair natural, but twists it uses, braids, Bantu knots, such as your natural hair to create texture also make these styles vary overall appearance, but it is not a natural curl pattern. Do not be fooled or discouraged!

18 You can not wear your hair texture or color. | This is the natural hair community a big topic. There are also some who believe that “natural hair” is “hair is not colored.” Then something completely disagree with yellowish brown woven wear, especially straight hair weave. Both stories are very untrue. Obviously.

19 you can only wear protective style. | Those who are considering natural sometimes feel that you only wear braids, twists, buns and ponytails; almost like a child’s hair. LOL! I think this is hilarious! This is inconsistent with the facts. Some yellowish brown, and protect their hair when they journey length, because protection and promote economic growth. However, you can obviously wear your hair however you want.

20 products to your hair “mixed curly girl.” | When I asked, “What do you use to make your hair curl like this!?!” Of course, the product helps define curls unique, but they did not really change your curl pattern. Your hair is enhanced definition. There is no magic product, it is natural that will make your hair curl. You just need to learn how to use the product the perfect combination to make your hair curl or kink moisturize and define.

Remember, these are not all the components of the myth created out of thin air. Some tips to help others do the same time its own unique hair, but it does not necessarily work in the future chick! What you have heard or have recently figured out his own myth? Do these sound familiar? Comment below.